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“Remembering the Good Times”

BernNadette Stanis


November 22, 2014

Thelma will be at the studio of WHPR 88.1 FM for her book signing

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The Forgotten Bike



The Forgotten Bike, is a story title that’s speaks for it’s self…have you ever forgot sometime?

Of course we have, …come and see the true and wonderful working Power of God while riding the bus.

 Today, will be the anniversary of the return of The Forgotten Bike that was left on the Bike rack of the Detroit Department of Transportation

Last week Friday 09.05.14. between 12:oo pm – 2:30 pm

 I’m De Derrick Hair Stylist/Barber/Blogger at Mel’s Salon 6080 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mi. 48202.

The time is 11:20 am, I get a call from Bruce, wanting to come in at 2:00 pm for a hair cut…sure Bruce I’ll be expecting you.

I’ve been servicing Bruce for 10 years and he’s always been promote and on time for his scheduled hair cut… and today was no exception.

I could see him approaching the salon as he got off the bus.

I was setting at the reception area just as Bruce entered the salon…we walked up stairs, together to my station and Bruce set in the styling chair and I draped him.

Well, 5 minutes into the hair cut I was telling Bruce about my new bike…just than Bruce jumped up as if he had sat on a bushel of cactus’s.

…my Bike!!, my Bike!! Bruce shouted!

I forgot my Bike on the bus rack.disapointment

I removed the styling cape from around is neck and off went Bruce running down Woodward towards the Blvd. in hope’s to meet the bus that he got off of on the return trip.

Bruce later on informed me that while running in the street and dodging traffic on a busy street such as Woodward… the police stopped him…they detained him long enough to slow down the hunt  the Forgotten Bike.

The officers were during their duty, I could only image Bruce was a sight to be seen… soak sweated from the run and looking kind of out-of-place with his unfinished hair cut.

I don’t blame you Bruce, I own a Bike, and at the time it’s my only means of transportation and I would have reacted the same way in recovering my Bike Lord only know what I would go through.

Now, here is the good part where God steps in and do His part working it out in Bruce favor.

Bruce say, that after the officers let him go to continue his how pursue on finding his bike .

The next person Bruce meets on his quest for his The Forgotten Bike  was a well dress man and Bruce stated that it was something about this was right, so he stated to explain his dilemma of his Forgotten Bike…well this well dress man turned out to be connected  with , The Detroit Department of Transportation, DOT.

Bruce explain his story and situation, by now the DOT official ask Bruce how do he know if found that the Bike would you be able to prove it’s yours ..Bruce informed him that the key that Bruce had will fit the lock on the Bike.

The DOT Official contacted the route supervisor on the Woodward run and they tracked down the Bike and told Bruce that they would drop it off at Mel’s Salon while Bruce finishes getting his hair cut.

Bruce returned to the salon sweaty, tired but full of Hope and told me that the DOT Official will call when there in front of the salon.

Bruce was very adamant on the return of his Bike.

I draped Bruce, and once again began his service…10 minute into the hair cut and the phone rings…it was DOT calling informing Bruce that he could come out and get his Bike…I looked out of the window and there it was DOT Official white truck, the bus and The Forgotten Bike on the Bike rack.

Job well done!… Detroit Department of Transportation in the speedy recovery of The Forgotten Bike.

Blogger’s last word: I started not to write this Blog but I did just the same.

 I figured, that since my client Bruce was involved with The Department of Transportation speedy recovery of The Forgotten Bike it was time to say something good about The DOT…good work!! 

The Forgotten Bike should be a lesson to us all…when riding The DOT don’t forget your Bike before leaving the bus.

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The Good Host’s

The Good Host’s

Host (masculine) and hostess (feminine) most often refer to a person responsible for guests at an event and/or providing hospitality during it, or to an event’s …

Today is Father’s Day, o6.16.14, and as the nation pause, for a moment and survey them self and ask the question… what was I doing last year at that time?

I surly miss my Dad, and I think of him often R.I.P. June 5, 1967 week before Father’s Day.

Last Father’s Day, after Sunday school I retired home to be alone.

PhotoAlone, by choice for you see I just moved into Piquette Square, Veteran Housing for the Homeless Veteran, 6221 Brush St., Detroit, Mi., and I was tired and wanted to be to myself.

This year will be different, thanks to Mary & Jimmy Giles.

The Good Host’s, for inviting me to:

The North end Community  Annual Father’s Day Community Street Party..Street boundaries included, Caniff, Cameron, Cardoni, Delamare, Goodwin, Kenwood and Lynn.

Mary has been after me for the last four years to come and relaxed and enjoy the outdoor party in their back yard that over looked the street.

Hi I’m De Derrick, Hair Stylist/Barber, Mary a client for over fifteen years and is a kind and thoughtful person  , and Jimmy her husband, my Spiritual Brother in Christ…where we had the time to Worship together as one at church…we also made time for The Night Life, filled dancing and Entertainment.

I’ve also been invited to their home celebrating their wedding anniversary …and it’s one thing that I  can truly said about this couple is that they have your feeling welcome and comfortable at their home.

I’ve so glad you never gave up on inviting me to a Grand Community Street Affair.

PhotoAs, I enter off of Oakland Ave. and Caniff, it was a sight of cars streight as far to the RR tracks.

I never seen such a Grand display of street partying ever, folks dancing in the streets, the vintage of all the beautiful  showcase polished cars all line up for the  Sunday sun light to beam the glory of a nice ride and the wheels to match. Photo

This was a good event, peaceful friendly surrounding enjoying Father’s Day.

I passed ,The Good Host’s home so busy looking at the motorcycle’s and the cars, I missed it by a block…backing up, now I can see the house.

PhotoThe Good Host’s lived close to the corner with a perfect wide view of the street parade, and the smell of Bar be que  smoke in the air, as I walk up into the yard of The Good Host.

PhotoHi Mary… Hey Derrick, Happy Father’s Day, and she continued to grill the meat and setting the table.

I took the liberty of finding a table under the tent and I sat to make some notes.

By, this time Jimmy was coming out of the house with chairs in his arms and he had helped from someone caring a table.

PhotoBeen a little early, I had chance to meet Renee…happy and so full; of life Renee.

Renee shares her testimony on how good God is to have brought her out of a comma and spared her life…Photo

Enjoying myself, taking it all in the breeze of the afternoon air I set and settle in to the end.

I was later introduced to Barbara and Taino that join the seating area under the tent…Photowith Jimmy.

Hi ladies… they replied in share about the weather and they wished me Happy Father’s Day…thank you, with a smile.Photo

Mary, informed the ladies that I was her Hair Stylist and now the conversation changes, and now were taken about hair styling.

I gave them my business card, Mel’s Salon & Associate’s 6080 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Michigan, and they said they will call for an appointment…and I hope that they will show.

I seen familiar face’s that I knew from celebrating last year at the Good Host’s Anniversary.

Jimmy spoke over the food with the Spirit from God, over this Blessed Day.

Now it’s time to  eat and Mary kept the food coming, busy as she could  into servingPhoto her guest as Jimmy help with the maintenance of the ground area and whatever else that he could do to help out his wife, Mary.

As the sun sets upon this remarkable Father’s Day…

PhotoOne last Selfie to go…Meet June, a the name fitting for the occasion, she also blew me away when I asked her what do she did for a living?…this is what she said and with business cards to back it up.

Mz. June Durr R.N…June Durr Assistant to the Funeral Director…June Durr Brown Catering and Personal Pieces…June Stylist…custom made to accent your beauty while living and resting.Photo

 Mz. June Durr…734.262.2198….aringnurse@hotmail.com

De Derrick’s Blog achieve’s:

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English: United States Air Force Warfare Cente...

English: United States Air Force Warfare Center emblem. Made with Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

November 11, 2013 VETERAN’S DAY

Hair/Fashion Entertainment Cybernetic

 Blog Review Salute to Veteran’s Day


The Hair Show Blogger

Featuring Fashion from: Sheila, Army Veteran

Sheila’s Styles with Attitude

 along with her son Crumpton, Air Borne in active Duty

Hair Styles by:

De Derrick, USAF, Mel’s Salon & Associate’s

Keith Matthews, Beauty Village Hair Salon

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Better Days Ahead


Internet! (Photo credit: LarsZi)

Better Days are… . Faith is the substance of things hope for and the evidence of things not seen. I also believe in the Power of the Internet  with all of its Pros and Con’s we all are in some way or other has attached  the internet to our daily walk of live. Today I consider myself an Internet specialist… I’ve tought myself basically fundamentals of the internet and combined them with the”mind-set” for  Internet Marketing…and let it work for me creatively.

The IMP Log: The Very First Message Sent on th...

The IMP Log: The Very First Message Sent on the Internet (Photo credit: FastLizard4)

The Internet is not for everyone and neither is Internet Marketing; but for those like my self that as taken and make use of the tools of the Internet to run a business, Advertising, Blogging and Personal usse…I think it was 1993 when I purchased my first Computer… a Compaq Computer and played around with the thrill of owning a Computer…how was I going to use it and today I found the nitch I was searching for on the internet by way of Internet Affiliate Marketer and Web Site developer.

I’ve done a lot of things in my life but nothing takes the cake… as putting on the icing on a WordPress Application. WordPress is a Web Site with the capabilities of Blogging Performance…What is Blogging? I’m glade you asked because with my general understanding Blogging is a form of writing and expressions…the Internet new form of advertising…the new word of mouth…through Social Media.

Blogging for my self has given me much delight; in doing something that I love …ever had that feeling? are you doing what you Love and why not or maybe you just haven’t found it yet…advice to you is keep trying and never give up on your Hopes and dreams. I have always dream of making a profit on the Internet…and today it’s happening by helping small business owners Network and Advertise on the Internet. Please come join us in The Square Circle.

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The Web Site

English: This way to the internet. If you foll...

English: This way to the internet. If you followed the web address on foot you’d be taken across a fence, then a burn then up a steep hill. Much better to use a computer and you’ll find yourself at the Friends of the Hermitage of Braid & Blackford Hill. http://www.fohb.org (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Web Site‘s is your personal greeting card to show case your business, it’s personal in the touch of design, theme  and color but also it should be Public in I’s  nature that describe’s to The World your Business, Promotions, or to Inform.

Your personal and signature brand will reflect the appearance of your web site of who you are, and what you stand for.


website (Photo credit: tourist_on_earth)

Keep in mind your color scream and design,  there are hundred of colored fashion temples to choose from…these tools will give structure to create theme that will defines your objects.

Ex. , Thehairshowblogger.wordpress.com  as you can see each web site is different in design and charter.

The look and feel are all in you control beginning with your Web Site address.com.

website ideas

website ideas (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

This address will become your branding on the internet..you can think of something   that’s easy to identify and easy to remember.

After you decided on a web address and has been listed with a server you’re now ready for the “Net”.

Now is the time feel your space on the internet by the web site pages you will need ex. Home, about, vision, it’s totally unlimited of pages….be creative and give each meaning in reflex to your business.

There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into the building of a Web Site for more information:

The Nova Square Solution…is a 4 Corner Marketing Internet Business that’s dedicated in helping the Small Business Owner in their Marketing Effort of their Business, Organization, Church, Club, or just to get the word out its called try our Auto Responder working 24/7.

English: Creating lifelong customer value with...

English: Creating lifelong customer value with your affiliate marketing business. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Nova Square Solutions 4 corner Mission is a corner unto to itself describing its duties and functions:



First Corner, of The Nova Square Solutions: top left

Web Development, Adverting, e-Mail Marketing, Auto Responder 24/7

Second Corner, of The Nova Square Solutions: top right

Marketing, Promoting, Blog Writing, Publishing

Third Corner, of The Nova Square Solutions: bottom left

Affiliate marketing

SFI Executive Affiliate

Fourth Corner, of The Nova Square Solutions bottom right

Personal Development/Leadership Group

De Derrick, Creative Marketer


hair capital

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Betsy vs Sheila’s Style

Betsy Ross Flag. This was the first flag of th...

Betsy Ross Flag. This was the first flag of the United States. Legend states it was created by Betsy Ross. The stars all face outward and represent a new constellation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Betsy Ross (January 1, 1752 – January 30, 1836) was an American woman to popularly attributed the design of the American flag with thirteen red and white stripes representing the Thirteen Colonies, and with thirteen white stars representing what itself.

Now that’s all good  said, and I’m a veteran and I love my Country Betsy Ross had a big task of the designing of the American Flag but today were going to up grade the stitched .

Betsy Ross sewing flag

Betsy Ross sewing flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sheila10There’s another designer that’s making a statement in Styles…and she’s a War Veteran, Fashion Statement herself…Ms. Sheila’s Styles with attitude that she processes through her Creative efforts in SWA Styles…that are back by public demand.

sheila6One thing I notice is that Sheila hand stitched  genuine Fur around those Booths, with the Labor of Genuine Love for creating fashions that turns heads while wearing The SWA Styles….and her desire is only to Please,Satisfy,  and to look for that smile of a job well done by SWA Style because Attitude says it all from Sheila’s Styles with Attitude, and you to, will Smile because of that SWA Style that you will have….. after visiting Sheila.sheila

Don’t forget to see more of Sheila’s Styles with Attitude, November 11. 2013 on the Hair Show Blogger and The Cybernetic Hair Designs.


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