Betsy vs Sheila’s Style

Betsy Ross Flag. This was the first flag of th...

Betsy Ross Flag. This was the first flag of the United States. Legend states it was created by Betsy Ross. The stars all face outward and represent a new constellation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Betsy Ross (January 1, 1752 – January 30, 1836) was an American woman to popularly attributed the design of the American flag with thirteen red and white stripes representing the Thirteen Colonies, and with thirteen white stars representing what itself.

Now that’s all good  said, and I’m a veteran and I love my Country Betsy Ross had a big task of the designing of the American Flag but today were going to up grade the stitched .

Betsy Ross sewing flag

Betsy Ross sewing flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sheila10There’s another designer that’s making a statement in Styles…and she’s a War Veteran, Fashion Statement herself…Ms. Sheila’s Styles with attitude that she processes through her Creative efforts in SWA Styles…that are back by public demand.

sheila6One thing I notice is that Sheila hand stitched  genuine Fur around those Booths, with the Labor of Genuine Love for creating fashions that turns heads while wearing The SWA Styles….and her desire is only to Please,Satisfy,  and to look for that smile of a job well done by SWA Style because Attitude says it all from Sheila’s Styles with Attitude, and you to, will Smile because of that SWA Style that you will have….. after visiting Sheila.sheila

Don’t forget to see more of Sheila’s Styles with Attitude, November 11. 2013 on the Hair Show Blogger and The Cybernetic Hair Designs.



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